Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BUsy BusY.. bt sTill HappY

Assalamualaikum.. so long ddnt update dis blog.. lately om 2 busy with Redaksi.. Snapping for interviews n of coz photoshoots.. yup really busy bt still hepy doing all these stuff..
As usual wanna share some pics related 2 my job as photographer in the team of Redaksi.. enjoy ^_^

photoshoot @ Masjid UKM
photoshoot @ STUDIO

photoshoot @ DECTAR


photoshoot @ PTSL
thanks 2 my partners keroL n yUfi..feel greAt doing work with u guys.. also 4 all of the models.. By da way.. all of these pics are non-edited.. dnt hve time yet ^_^.. see ya later!!

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