Sunday, May 22, 2011

i have a dream..

most people said "follow ur dreams".. what is dream by da way?! well, for me dream is juz a dream if there was no action..  im dreaming 2 be a better person.. more specific.. i dunno.. every aspect i guess.. for now what i want is.. i want my parents 2 be happy ever after.. no matter who they are, no matter what.. their happiness is my priority.. this post obviously not focusing on my photos.. juz little bit of me.. i miss my parents' laugh, smile, everything bout them..

this pics was taken last eid.. 
i will never regret 2 have parents like them..

may Allah blesses them both.. aminn..
i know the situation is changing a lot, its ok.. i still loving them both..

having 'big bite' with my relatives..

november 2010 at zoo negara..
thats all for now.. i love u both ibu n ayah..