Thursday, January 27, 2011

rEddisH-browN EagLe IsLand!!

16 Jan 2011~ was my first step 2 Langkawi.. going there of coz for site analysis 4 final sem 2 project - A GALLERY.. staying there for 4 days, day n night looking, analyzing, sketching, walking, snapping..
 at pantai cenang im quite speechless n blur 4 a while.. questioning my self.. AM I AT MALAYSIA??.
woow never thought pantai cenang's culture is opposite 2 malaysian culture.. why im saying dat??
for example at BABYLON.. feel like HAWAII.. seriously.. im nt bluffing, but unfortunately no pics taken by me..
im 2 'scared' at dat moment.. by da way its a new experience..

17 Jan 2011~ unique breakfast!! 1st time in my life noticed dat the nasi lemak seller using coding 4 their nasi lemak menu.. lets check it out..


the nasi lemak is delicious!! walllaahhh ;)

visiting very nice resort call THE FOUR SEASON if im nt mistaken.. applying asia concept.. mostly malay vernacular architecture, Moroccan, Japanese n other.. totally awesome.. very sensitive architect designed dis resort.. plus this resort gets the very beautiful beach view at Tanjung Rhu..

myb dis is light.. functional or not im nt sure.. at the entrance..

dat is kak iman.. my model..hehe.. orait.. see dat door.. using the middle east concept.. yaa i could feel dat..

dis beautiful patterns are nt juz patterns, actually those allow sunlight 2 penetrate through those..
its juz on top of the snooker table.. 

nice rite!!

i guess those woods exposing the concept of 'pesawah'

dis is a restaurant in the Four Season.. obviously applied Malay vernacular architecture.

during the study trip, i have learn so many things.. captured so many pictures.. ARCHITECTURE N PHOTOGRAPHY are connected 2 each other.. architecture its about life, history, culture, environmental and soul.. sometimes pictures cannot tell those, but architecture always manage 2 expose those things.. as long as designers not over doing.. not to 4get, without pictures, i cant prove dat i have done the investigation at Langkawi rite?!!
dnt 4get 2 follow up the sequences of dis post~ ^_^

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