Saturday, June 4, 2011

20 thIngS bout PIka~

2day.. dnt want talk bout photos.. fuuhhh.. dis whole week seyezly buzzyy.. bhse pn da mcm rojak kn..
suddenly, feel like dnt want 2 hold my camera.. sory dear alpha.. im too tired.. =.= i will mizz u.. dnt wory.. <ape yg aku ngarot ni ha..>

by da way.. seyezly im homesick rite nw.. huhu.. luckly i have great friends n a cute 'person' here at Ukm.. juz wanna share smething.. about mE:
  1.  im the only child in family.. means ank tunggal ok..
  2. i really love my parents!!
  3. i love sentimental music..
  4. grateful having a person like 'him' p/s im nt single..
  5. love animal... especially Cat.. meeooowww..hehe
cute sgt.. tp da xde =.=

6. of coz.. so in love with photography..
7. first time u look at me.. u will think dat im  a shy person.. hoho.. nt really actly.. very talkative..
8. hobby.. kt umah suke msk..
9. very choosy.. hehe.. byk songeh ibu kate..
10. stubborn..
11. naughty..
12. will 2 spend money 4 things like electronic gadgets and delicious FOOD!!
13. glamor name at UKM haha.. PIKATON.. given by my hensem grandfather, coz the only grandchild who totally crazy bout CArtooN. during my chilhood ok.. ^^
one of my faVo cartOOn ^^

pauSe kejap..

 14. LOve Kids ok.. coz kids bring smile n laugh..
15. if im upset.. plez give me chocolate..
16. x suke lipat kain.. jujur dan ikhlas.. tp sdg berjinak2.. =P
17. hot-tempered smetimes..
18. easy to make me laugh..
19. love making Friends..
20. '2mrow is mystery, yesterday is history.. 2day is present 4 u n me'

so sory this time i ngarot2 ja.. anyway.. toddleesssssssss.. see ya later ^_^

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