Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iPoH.. lots Of my Own SmiLe

Last few days.. me, keroL n ameer having trip 2 ipoh.. specificly.. kerol hometown.. finally, both of my feet step on the land of ipoH.. our trip begin with.... filling my KANCIL with ron 95 extRa from Petronas petrol station near AMEER ALI (ukm's student favorite mamak's restaurant).. bought some junk foods.. mineral water, red bull 4 kerol.. booster 4 him.. hehe.. sape suh tdo lewat.. 

Next mission, find signboard RAWANG.. to pick up Ameer.. both of us never went to Rawang.. few times we r losing our way.. hahaha.. keluar masuk ntah jln mne.. asal nmpk ke IPOH blasah je.. after one and half hour, finally we reached there.. pick up Ameer.. n continuing our journey with that little kaNcil..

Kerol was drove and of coz lead the way to Ipoh.. i knw my grammar is suck.. haha xpe la.. jom sambung cite..

stOp 4 awhile @ R&R TAPAH.. i wanna pee!! haha.. da xthn.. stop by @ Tapah 4 awhile.. at Tapah, i snaped some pics of little kids playing at the playground..

cutE littlE pinKy

cPt2 kte Main laGi

aBg cPt la nk Main lg..<katenye>

After taking these pics, we are continuing our journey, straight away to Ipoh.. We reached there and Kerol taking us to a Malay restaurant, so call SABAR MENANTI.. Seyezly, delicious.. 'MAKAN UNTUK HIDUP' still my stomach is full hahaha.. xlarat nk jln kot..

Finally reached Kerol's house.. fuh lega.. wow msuk umah dye.. kaye gak dak ni =P by da way his father gave me a room at upstairs.. comfort room 2 stay.. nice.. after awhile, i opened by bag and took a simple shirt to wear.. take a bath.. n SLEEP!! haha so tired..

After Asr prayer, we are preparing ourselves to have dinner somewhere at Ipoh main town.. i dnt remember what is the name of that restaurant.. we ate 'ikan siakap' steamed, 'sup sayur', 'ayam goreng kunyit', 'telur bistik'.. yup.. very delicious.. ^^

tired la..... P  A  U  S  E  ~

balik rumah plak 4 maghrib n isya' prayer.. keRol bwk jln2 sekitar IPoh.. strange enough the night and day atmosphere of Ipoh is totally different.. personally, seam gak r suasana malam kt sana.. somewhere around JUSCO there a lot of pub n night club.. oMG.. am i at VEGAS??!! hahaha.. what a new experience.. tp lupe nk snap gambar.. by da way, we stop at a mamak restaurant call VANGGEY.. erk..... my comment is.. 'mahal' =.='' habes mkn blk umah.. akhirnye..ZzZzzZzzz

roti Tisu.. maNis.. igt nk mkn roti Canai tp.. kne berpantang =.=

Bgn pagi minum air kosong dlu, amalkan ye..  after dringking some plain water, taking bath, ready 4 simple photoshoot.. we're walking in the neighborhood to shoot some photos.. sketching some memories of coz.. i really excited experiencing this moment.. ^^ of coz lets share some photos :

1/2 cooked eggs n hot tea O..
buat ape ha??

olD house~


oLD Bus~

a River @ Tambun

Guess who??

this goose really wanna get me =P
da letih berjalan.. ktorg pn blk la rumah.. at home.. Kerol daddy took us to SABAR MENANTI again.. having lunch n also celebrating his Birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE ^_^
my stomach again.. very full hahaha thnks uncle 2 those meals..


about 1.30 pm.. i woke up n pack my things before back to UKM again.. evrybody is ready!! about 3 pm.. we're ready to continue our journey.. but this time back to UKM.. on the way back.. kerol tour us to his Old ANDERSON SCHOOL n also the main venue for the TALENTIME movie directed by YASMIN AHMAD

one point perspective view..

3 points perspectives view..

ameer n kerol~

Lat's cartoon 4 Anderson~

inSide Anderson~
malas da cite boleh x?? haha.. letih la.. after visiting Anderson we straight away to the old road to Kuala Lumpur.. fuh.. that road takes more hours than the highway.. aduy skt pinggang duk dlm kreta lme2.. hahaha.. too long on the road till me n kerol dnt regonize the road anymore.. hahaha.. kinda funny.. susah nk cite kt cni.. by da way i hv a lot of fun.. otak clear kot.. Thanks 2 Kerol 4 dis trip <3 and also Ameer ^^..

that all i think.. i will upload more photos later at Facebook..
PikaTon Nadia

p/s maaf grammar hancus =P


  1. paling suke pic yg ipoh sahaja...gmbr mcm dlm magazine...

  2. thnks ^^ byk lg gmbr.. tp maleh nk letak cni..