Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm a vegan?


It's been a year since my last post.. Well, I'm a vegan? Hell no pleaseeee no..
Yeah but I have to.. Tampar muke sendiri..

It's all started when I was darjah 5.. I ate rojak every sunday morning usually.. but on the way back to my grandparents house, accidentally I chocked..
After that I'm sooo okay.. It's came back during my high school around Form 4.. I got rashes and bintik2 air all over my hands.. I still dont get it why..??
Getting worst.. After my SPM I cant ate chicken, meats, eggs especially nuts.. not to forget sesame.. Chocked, chocked and chocked again, and also gatall2 all over my body.. Alhamdulillah jgk still bole mkn ikan darat..

OMG!! I got stressed.. Rojak?? I love thatttt.. Almond?? Craving!! Sate?? cmne nk mkn without kuah kcg yg sdp tu?? (I made kuah kcg before, tp xmkn pn)..
I'm a Malay girl kn.. ape bole buat.. semua xbole makan.. hari2 makan sayur bole pengsan hahaha.. kalau mkn kt mamak pn dia bg kobis jelaaa haha.. no kobis not good for me also..

Actually takes 5 years for me to figure out.. Biar la org kate ak high taste.. taste mat salleh.. diva or else.. haha.. I love FOOD.. But I can't eat most of them..

BUT what IF I cooked myself? Should be ok kn? Luckly, I LOVE to Cook..

Di mana ad kemahuan di situ ad jalan!! Yeah..

I cook almost everyday now (Lantaklah xsedap pn), my health getting better, my appetite quite stable, I believe that my cheeks getting chubby-er.. hahaha.. no offense.. When I'm hungry, I googled and then MASAK!!

Planning to make a Youtube channel on recipes of foods allergies-free (Hopefully), and also recipes for orang2 bujang like me, for wifey yg tak minat masak tp nk belajar.. Semoga Allah sokong..

Hey!! We're female, kne jage perot laki & ank2 jgk nnt kn.. Dont think you're beautiful flawless dolly face will make ur husband kenyang.. We have to learn before it's too late..

That's all, what I wanna say, got problem? Lets deal with it, take ur time.. I have problems, you have problems.. May Allah ease our puzzles.. Amiin

I made this so called Nandos meal.. hahaha

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