Saturday, August 24, 2013

I don't know~


Xtau nk ckp mcm mne.. Da lame bermain kt kepala.. btl2 xtau nk buat ape.. serba slh sgt..
I dont know whether he wants me anymore or not.. I dont know..
 what if he does not care about me anymore..
I feel like I'm loosing him.. He still alive.. But I guess, I lost him..
Ya Allah, if You hearing this, I hope only the best for him..

My flesh and blood,
was there..

My tears has burst,
no use to wipe..

My heart has hurt,
no way to heal..

May Allah gives the strength,
to live without hatred..

Thanks Allah for lovely Ibu,
Thanks Allah for loving family,
Thanks Allah for great friends,
Thanks Allah for my beloved soulmate..

My heart still hoping for you..
I know its wrong to say this and that..
I was believing you, now I don't know..

I'm sorry for everything..
But my heart already broken..
The Untold by MsPika

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