Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To ?


Selalu, most ladies buat tutorial how to wear shawls, pashmina, etc.. tp pika xreti nk buat tutorial mcm tu.. Tau pkai tdung biase je.. yeah..
So I've dicded to give a tutorial on how to edit a photo.. simple way..

Gambar asal

Mule, kalau ad Adobe Photoshop, buka program tu, xpun Lightroom pun bole..

Firstly, opition Image > Auto tone

Then, Image > Curves (Play with the curves) Tarik garis curve tu..

Next, go back to option Image > Black and White (adjust according to your preference)

Adjust the tone

After that, duplicate layer (clrl + J )

Click pd layer yg baru di duplicate td.. go to option Filter > High pass

Adjust the radius

Click OK..

then, click on the current layer, change from Normal > Overlay

Change the option of the current  to Overlay

Final Edited Photo

Selamat Mencuba
Wasallam <3

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