Saturday, May 7, 2011

bEauty insiDe UkM

who said UKM don't have any beautiful scenery and 'spot'? during dis short sem a.k.a working for SIDANG REDAKSI, i spent some time to explore the beauty of my beloved UKM.. as usual, with my alpha-380 we're dating!! hehe.. so these are some pictures to share ^_^
tasik keJut

tasik keJut 2

neW heArt of keJut

doWn to eaRth - PTSL

dowN to eaRth 2 - FEP

well, lets wait for the next post~

1 comment:

  1. Cantik!!!!!!!!
    pika sgt berbakat~ sgt2 nak blaja fotografi (still waiting for my bro to give me his dslr)

    ini blog rasmi akak :

    ini plak blog peribadi :

    tggalkan jejak~ ^^