Wednesday, February 23, 2011

choSen pic n appAratus model


Alu-alu Fish

 the story starts from dis pic.. ya its a pic of fish.. taken n eaten by me..hehe
by da way.. i hv chosen dis photo as a guide 2 do my apparatus model..
actly da apparatus model hv been conpleted by last week after rejected by Dr A few times..huhu..
so.. this is the apparatus model..

overall view

top view

oppss.. got model over there hehe..

looks odd but dis wat my lecturer likes.. hehe..
so i called dis apparatus model as STIRRING or STEAMING..
bcoz.. i took the philosophy from the action of preparing the Alu-alu fish..
orait let me explain the components of dis model :

MIRROR : represent the flame or fire to cook
PAN: represent itself
PERSPEX with holes : represent the steam produce while cooking/steaming the fish..

after finishing dis model.. wat i hve 2 do next is to design a gallery and use dis apparatus model as guide 2 design it..
proposed site is at KUAH TOWN,LANGKAWI..

coming soon.. of coz the final design 4 my gallery.. 

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